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A Health Savings Account (HSA) gives you more control over your healthcare costs. You decide how to spend your money on your health. You make the decisions. HSA Bank helps you carry out those decisions.

Health Savings Accounts are combined with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) to offer a more affordable approach to healthcare. Premiums for HDHPs are lower. HSAs have a tax favored status - meaning what you contribute is either pre-tax or tax deductible. Interest earned on the money is tax-deferred. Using the money to pay for qualified medical expenses is tax-free. Lower insurance premiums combined with using tax-free money can lead to significant savings.

Consider these facts:

  • Insurance premiums continue to rise.
  • More employers are reducing or eliminating health insurance options.
  • As you age, you will likely spend more on healthcare.

Take control. Start saving now.

HSA Bank gives you the tools and resources needed to manage your HSA. With HSA Bank you have the opportunity to:

  • Manage your account online.
  • Earn interest on your savings.
  • Take advantage of flexible investment options.
  • Access the latest information on HSAs, high deductible health plans, and the consumer-driven healthcare movement.
  • Ask HSA questions and receive answers from HSA experts.
  • Access healthcare resources and claims negotiation services.

As the leader in HSAs, HSA Bank puts their expertise to work for you every day. You'll receive superior customer service, excellent interest rates, flexible investment options, and more.